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Healers, Coaches, & Wellness-Based Entrepreneurs...

Confidently Create, Sell, & Launch Your Offers in a Way That is Authentic, Effective, & Aligned with Your Soul's Mission

so you can...
Consistently attract & inspire your ideal clients to say YES without hustling or using spammy sales strategies 

If this sounds like the kind of business & life that you desire, then the Selling From Your Soul Abundance Academy is for YOU!

If you are a healer, coach, or wellness-based entrepreneur, chances are you have a desire to confidently step into your purpose, transform lives, create a business & life that sets your soul on fire in the process...

You want to be paid abundantly for your life changing work, so that you can support yourself & your loved ones, however you don't want to feel like you have to sacrifice the other areas of your life or implement inauthentic strategies in order to make it happen.  
Regardless of What Your Reality is Right Now, Imagine for a Moment That...
  • You could feel unshakable confidence when you go to offer your services, because you know with certainty how to communicate the value of the transformation that you provide & sell in a way that feels natural, instead of awkward. 
  • You have built an engaged social media following of ideal clients who are excited to hear what you have to say, share with others, & feel inspired to take action. 
  • Instead of overthinking your business decisions and feeling afraid to make the "wrong move," you know exactly how to tap into clarity & direction on demand when it comes to every aspect of your business.   
  • ​Instead of working more hours and feeling like you have to choose between spending time with loved ones or building your business, you know how to access a flow state where ideal clients are coming to YOU.
  • ​You feel fully present in  your daily life with your family and engaged, instead of hearing them complain that your face is always buried in the phone. 

You Have Clarity, Confidence, & Direction

You are Excited, Inspired, & Fulfilled

  • You have unshakable confidence around your unique methods and have refined your messaging to reflect your secret sauce, so that your ideal clients know that working with you is the "no-brainer" choice. 
  • ​Instead of hearing "It's too expensive" or "Let me think about it," you hear the words "I am IN! When can we get started?"
  • You feel energized & motivated to hop out of bed in the morning because you have a calendar full of clients that you adore &  work feels fun + light.
  • ​Instead of undercharging and overgiving, you confidently raise your prices & clients happily pay them because they understand the value of working with you.

You May Be Wondering How I Know All of This or
 If I am Reading Your Mind.  
Well... I Am An Intuitive, But That's Not How I Know... LOL

As a holistic healer & business mentor since 1999,
I have been exactly where you are right now. 

Not only have I overcome all of these obstacles personally & created multiple successful businesses, I have helped hundreds of other women just like you to do the same.  

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, & frustrated because you are committed to doing what it takes to build your business, but you aren't sure how to get there, 

That ends today...,

I’m going to show you how to shift the internal patterns that are blocking your abundance, as well as the energy + strategy in your business, so you can finally unlock your full potential & start making the income +impact that you came to this Earth to make. 

Sound Good?

Hi! I am Ali 

 I am a Holistic Business Coach, Authentic Selling Specialist, & Reiki Master-Teacher.  I am also the founder of the Selling From Your Soul Abundance Academy.
Over the past 23 years, I have personally built 6 figure businesses & helped others to do the same both online & in person.  I have worked in just about every sector of business from retail, to 1:1 services, group programs, network marketing, & more.  

There have been times throughout the journey when everything in my business felt like a struggle.  I was always reading books,  listening to podcasts, changing my website, running FB ads, & looking for the next best strategy to successfully grow my business without feeling frustrated, stuck, & drained.  

There were weeks and months of working countless hours, followed by periods of procrastination, lack of focus, & overwhelm. 

There have also been times when I had a voice inside pulling me to change directions or step into my purpose in a new way, but my insecurities would often stop me from taking the action needed to make it happen. 

I had visions of what might be possible that was exciting to me & journals filled with ideas, but I didn’t know how to get there. I hopped from one certification to the next, thinking that this would make me feel more qualified and give me the confidence that I needed to take the next steps in making my dreams a reality.

 I am so grateful that I eventually found the secret sauce to building a  business that  not only consistently calls in my ideal clients, but feels easy, exciting, & energizing.    I knew that once I discovered what the KEY ingredients are in the recipe for success, I had to share that with as many entrepreneurs as possible.  And that is exactly what I have done...   

That is why I have created a step by step blueprint that walks you through how to connect with your own intuitive gifts & create a business that you are not only in love with, but that THRIVES. 

 It is the combination of psychology, energy, soul-aligned strategy, & inspired action that will take you to that next level of success from a place of alignment.   

If I know one thing, it is that being a badass boss means that we don't always do things the conventional way. We pave our own way for success, because our magic doesn't fit in any box or cookie cutter strategy... If you have some experience working with people, but you have not been able to breakthrough to that next level in your business, let me assure you, it is not your fault

  • You have so many unique gifts, talents, & magic to offer, but this does not mean that you also are an expert in knowing the ins & outs of marketing yourself in a way that speaks to your ideal clients.  Luckily I am...
  • You are amazing at your craft, but you likely have never been shown how to sell your services without feeling uncomfortable, so you either holdback from taking action or you take action from a place of discomfort, which your potential clients can feel.  Luckily, I know how to help you with this. 
  • ​You have limiting beliefs & blocks that may be holding your self-worth and causing you to feel stuck in patterns of overthinking, people pleasing, doubting yourself, and lacking clarity.   Luckily, I know how to help you recognize & shift these patterns on a conscious, unconscious, & energetic level
  • ​You have been taught sales techniques that are slimy, manipulative, & ineffective.  Luckily, I am going to teach you how to authentically connect with & inspire people so they are reaching out to you asking how they can get started. 
  • We have been taught to believe that success comes with sacrifice & that it has to be a struggle, when in reality if you know the secret sauce to manifesting abundance, you can 10x your results with less hustle & more flow.  Luckily, I know the secret sauce & I want to teach it to you. 
  • ​You have only been shown a rigid model of what business has to look like or felt like if you are not doing it the coaches way, then you must be doing it wrong. Luckily, I will show you many different techniques & strategies that are affective and then help you access your own inner-wisdom to find the strategy that is most aligned with your core values and lifestyle.

This is Why I Created the Selling From Your Soul Abundance Academy...

The Selling from Your Soul Abundance Academy is a mastermind-style container with individualized coaching to help you create MORE results, working LESS hours, while feeling energized, inspired, & fulfilled in your business.  

It is ideal for healers, coaches, consultants, & wellness-based entrepreneurs who want to confidently grow a THRIVING business that LIGHTS UP their soul, without hustling or sacrificing their relationships, health, or sanity. 

I took my 23+ years of in-depth experience and knowledge around sales psychology, energetics, spiritual connection, & authentic marketing + sales strategy to develop a blueprint that walks you through how to tap into your own intuition,  unique gifts, & where your soul is calling you to serve RIGHT NOW, so that you can confidently design, market, & sell your offers in a way that feels authentic, highlights your strengths, & aligns with your core values. 

You will go from feeling confused & stuck in your business to CRYSTAL CLEAR & CONFIDENT in yourself, your offers, & how to communicate the value of what you do to your ideal clients, so you can standout as the "no brainer" choice to work with. 

We will help you to create a soulful sales process that is unique to YOU and seamlessly takes someone from being interested to "I AM IN!" without chasing or using sales strategies that are inauthentic to you.  

 You have the intuitive eyes & years of experience by our experts supporting you with not only the grounded marketing & sales strategies, but helping you to to recognize & release sabotaging patterns & energetic blocks that are keeping from going to that next level. 


Selling From Your Soul is Based on Four Pillars...

Release Energetic Blocks & Create Alignment in Your Business. 

Becoming aware of the internal & external patterns that are currently influencing the the decisions that you are making in your business & the energies that you are taking action in is the first step to creating alignment in your business.   

 You will learn how to recognize & release conscious, unconscious, & energetic blocks that are taking you out of alignment in your business & keeping you stuck.   While letting go of fear-based, survival self patterns of sabotage, you will learn how to calibrate your energy to align with your intuition,  so that you can approach every aspect of your business with the wisdom & clarity needed to take inspired action on your most aligned path right now. 

 Whether it be procrastination, people pleasing, perfectionism, hustling, and overgiving, as a example, we get to the core belief & original experience held in your energy field that is keeping you locked in to that pattern and we will release it, allowing you to move forward with more confidence & clarity.  With various mindfulness exercises, energy clearings, self-coaching techniques, you are empowered with what you need to quickly identify & shift these patterns that surface as you step into new levels of growth. 

You will get clear on your core values & what you prioritize as important, so that you are building every aspect of your business from your offers to your marketing & sales strategy to align with the other areas of your life, instead of trying to shove you life into your business.  

Of course you will also have live weekly coaching with Ali and the team to point out those hidden blocks that you can’t see and help you to work through those.

Discover Your Soul-Aligned & Profitable Micro Niche + Magnetize Ideal Clients

We take you through a soul-searching journey of helping you to connect with your unique life purpose messages, gifts, passions, & desires..

You get super clear about where your your soul is calling you to serve right now, who you are excited to help, what you want to help them with, & why it is meaningful for you.  

This is where you take a step back and let go of what you "think" you should be doing and creating, and instead you step into what feels exciting, inspiring, & aligned. 

 You will discover your unique & profitable micro niche as well as how to create messaging to call in your soul clients who value your services and will happily pay you. 

We help you to step into unshakable confidence & clarity around your secret sauce, what sets you apart, & how to communicate the value of what you do to those you are meant to serve.  

You will learn the language of your soulmate clients & then apply principles of buying psychology to create magnetic marketing messaging and social media content that speaks clearly to exactly what your soul clients need and desire. The result is that they see you as the go to exert and the no brainer person to work with. 

DefineYour Signature Method & Nail Your Offer Messaging

Our step by step process helps you to  put together offers that align with your zone of genius, what you enjoy, & allow you to work smarter instead of harder.   You will define your unique pillars and signature method of helping clients to get a result, so you can not only feel that deep sense of confidence within yourself, but communicate the value of what you offer in a way where soul clients feel like working with you is a "no brainer."

 Whether you are looking to put together a course, coaching program, or higher ticket service, we will help you to package up your magic (or optimize what you currently have), so you can  leverage your time, elevate your authority, & get your clients predictable results. 

Having a signature method or higher priced package will allow you to hit your financial goals more quickly, while getting your clients a better result, & working less hours in the process.  

Once we know your signature process & what you makes you unique, we can then put together magnetic marketing messages that allow you to gain the trust of your audience, highlight how you are different, & create the confidence + certainty needed for them to take those next steps.

Design an Authentic + Effective Sales Strategy

Creating a sales path that feels authentic to you and leverages your strengths is one of the most important aspects of your success. If you are currently working in a model of sales that feels gross or inauthentic, this is going to stop you from confidently sharing your offers & consistently taking action, which ultimately affects your sales. 

Because each of our businesses are unique and so our own strengths, I don’t believe in a cookie cutter strategy for selling. I help my clients to create a sales path that is going to be in alignment with their core values, strengths, & the kind of life that they want. 

We do in-depth training on various sales strategies and structures. Whether it is through utilizing content that connects & inspires to do the heavy lifting, implementing an authentic private message and/or sales call strategy, high converting sales page, or launch events that create momentum, we show you how to optimize whatever strategy fits your business best & your overall life vision. 

We help you map out the client journey to seamlessly take someone from "interested" to "IN" without chasing, hustling, & inauthentic strategies.

In addition to working on a an authentic sales strategy, we look at the energy + psychology as it pertains to your beliefs around sharing your offers, handling objections, asking for money, raising your prices, & how your past experiences with money may be impacting your business right now. 

This is for You If You Desire to:

  •  Enroll new clients consistently, while transforming lives, so that you can not only feel a sense of purpose & fulfillment, but you can start sleeping better at night knowing that there is an overflow of money in the bank
  • ​Wake up each day feeling excited, energized, & fulfilled instead of stressed out, frustrated, & overwhelmed, so you can build your business without sacrificing your relationships or your health. 
  • ​Open your inbox to messages from your dream clients asking how you can work together, so you don't feel like you are constantly chasing people & instead they are coming to YOU
  • ​​Feel deeply connected to your life’s work & know with unshakable confidence what sets you apart from your competition, so you can clearly share the value of your offers in a way that makes working with you a no-brainer.

If You Are:

  • DONE  arguing with family members about how many hours you are working or feeling pressure from your partner about why the money isn't coming in fast enough. 
  • DONE feeling like you are putting yourself out there & doing all the things, just to hear crickets on your posts 
  • DONE feeling confused about where to put your energy, overwhelmed by all the moving parts, & riding the rollercoaster of inconsistent sales. 
  • DONE spending hours on content & giving away free advice on sales calls just to hear “Let me think about it.” 
  • DONE overgiving & undercharging and then resenting your clients, because you are afraid nobody is going to pay more money if you are having trouble getting them to invest now

If You are Ready To Learn:

  • The REAL reason why people buy >>> So you can STOP bumping up against the money objection & START making more sales 
  • ​How to raise your prices & confidently share the value of your services in a way that resonates with your client>>> So they feel as if working with you is a no-brainer. 
  • ​How to easily create magnetic social media content & live video that  connects, engages, & inspires >>> So that your calendar is always filled with new clients. 
  • ​How to ask the right questions & overcome sales objections>>> so you help potential clients make an empowered decision to invest in themselves without feeling pushy. 
  • ​How to define & communicate your secret sauce method >>> so you can create messaging & social media content that does the heavy lifting for you and  walks clients into your paid offers with ease. 
  • ​Learn the ins & outs of webinars, challenges, & launch events that target the right audience>>> So you can easily roll them right into your paid program & start hitting those 10k + months with ease.  
  • ​How to design your unique & authentic sales path that naturally inspires social media followers to step into your paid offers>>> So you can consistently attract & enroll soul clients from a place of ease.

Here is What People Are Saying

Kristin Wedding

Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

""I came into the Selling From Your Soul Abundance Academy with a program that I wasn’t in love with and there was something deep inside me that I really wanted to do. I felt like this thing had been weighing on me for a year, and within a month I was able to tee it up, launch, and have people enroll. I was able to do that without this struggle and weight that I’d felt for so long. 

 Ali was so quick to be able to see that and help me identify what needed to be done. It’s unlike any other coach I’ve had, and I’ve had SO many. I cannot HIGHLY recommend her to anyone, no matter where people are in their business whether they are just starting out, you have all the tactics.

 Ali helps to make it not so scary and make it digestible. To make it feel authentic without feeling salesy. Even for those further along in their business like I was, it really helps get you in that zone of flow where everything comes together and feels right, and then realizing that success finally without all the struggles. 
 Thank you, Ali. Thank you for your warm caring nature and for not ever making any of us feel like a number. You really gave us personalized tailored advice instead of the straight out of the box stuff that is out there already. I really felt cared for. So thanks again Ali, I can’t imagine this road without you.

Laura Viale

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
I am so grateful that I invested in Ali Sievewright as my business coach. Starting my online coaching business was not that hard, but marketing it with certainty and confidence was a battle. For 2 years I sabotaged myself, let fear drive my bus, and I shrunk down and kept myself small until I hit rock bottom (my husband losing his job and me deciding I needed to go and work for someone else so we could pay our bills.)
At this point, I went back to the content Ali so brilliantly and divinely created in the Selling From Your Soul Abundance Academy. I NEEDED to get out of my own way, and believe that what I have to offer is valuable. Between her amazing lessons that spoke to my soul, and her intuitive coaching that always told me exactly what I needed to hear to move forward, I finally got unstuck.
After 6 months of crickets (the last client I enrolled was in March), I enrolled SEVEN 1:1 clients AND enrolled ELEVEN participants in a paid 14-day program in just ONE month! Ali taught me what I needed to do, but she also guided me to BELIEVE in myself and in what my soul is leading me to do. I’m STILL enrolling clients - they are coming out of the woodwork, and I feel so grateful that my dream job is finally happening!!
If anyone reading this is feeling stuck like I was, don’t give up. If I can do it - you can too, and Ali is the one to help you. Ali thank you so much for doing what you do. I am forever grateful to you. 

Mari Frengstad

Nutritional Therapist & Holistic Practitioner 

"Ali  has shown me how to align my offering with my heart, so it doesn’t drain me. It has been such pivoting experience for me, because the moment you are aligned, you are able to reach out to people in a different way. 
Ali has also shown me what I didn’t learn in Nutrition School, which is the framework of sales. When I had an offer, she showed me how to engage in a meaningful way.  I feel empowered by it and I can see that I’m helping more people that way. I launched my program while in the academy & enrolled 8 women along with many other new clients for my other packages. 

Ali is an amazing coach. She is great at holding space and listening to the technical issues or otherwise that we have in our businesses and she is great at giving advice. She will be there when you need it and it’s been fantastic work in a group with these amazing women and engaging entrepreneurs. She’s certainly turned a lot of coaches around. 

If you struggle with not feeling aligned with your business or you may have an amazing product, but maybe the process of actually selling it is taking too much energy, I recommend you talk to Ali. The journey she’s taken me on has changed my life."  

Donna Brown

Intuitive Coach & Energy Healer

" I have learned so much Ali about how to attract the right clients to our program or workshop using language that resonates with them. I was feeling challenged by the lack of signups for a recent program I was launching and I shared my copy with her. She recommended a few tweaks and within hours of posting the revised info, I received two registrations! 

Our weekly calls are so powerful and filled with such great insight and inspiration. The 1:1 coaching aspect is priceless whether it is our own or hearing the others being coached. After yesterday's call, I heard from a friend and as we were chatting decided she wanted to purchase a 3 session Reiki package from me. She did before we finished the call!  When the belief, the mindset and intention are in alignment, the Universe provides.

I am a spiritual entrepreneur similar to Ali so she understands my business, has a magical touch and I love being in her circle. 

I highly recommend working with her in any capacity. Her energy is amazing and I always look forward to learning from her and connecting with her! Thank you Ali Sievewright for your guidance, I am so so grateful!"

Rae Ann Mullins

Wellness & Fitness Nutrition Coach 

I first started working with Ali at a time when I felt lost, scattered, overwhelmed, & stuck. I had a
program & clients, but everything felt out of alignment. Nothing felt like I was doing anything for me anymore. 

 Ali helped me to look inside myself and decide exactly what I wanted to do. She helped me redefine my niche and re-establish what I wanted to do with my program . Ali helped me get rid of money mindset blocks that were keeping me stuck. After doing this internal work & her energy clearings EVERYTHING changed in my business. I felt more confident, free, and I was so in alignment. 

Since then, I am working with my maximum amount of 1:1 clients, I just sent out a private invite for my 12 week group program and had 5 people sign up instantly, & I am getting ready to launch a new program after a 5 day challenge that 89 people are already signed up for! It’s all because I now feel fully aligned. Ali is such a great coach who really listens and has helped me so much with her guidance.

Dawn Navaratnasingam

Holistic Health Practitioner
"Before I enrolled in Ali's program, I was so stuck in a rut. I had only sold one program in a year and it had been almost a year since I sold it. I was in the mindset that I couldn’t invest anymore in my business because I wasn’t making ANY money. 
I really felt like just needed another strategy or for someone to tell me what to do, until I heard Ali talk about the need for both the masculine energy (strategy, structure, knowledge) AND the feminine energy (Intuition, authenticity, creativity, & connection). 
Within the first 2 weeks of enrolling, I sold two programs in my first few weeks, and it was mind boggling. I’ve sold another since then. Things that I never thought were possible because I wasn’t connected to my mission, I was missing the foundation, I was missing the feminine principles and it was keeping me stuck and I didn’t even know it. This is by far the best investment I have ever made"


Dr. Christina Cruz

Clinical Psychologist 

"I am extremely grateful for my time in the abundance academy. I chose the academy because it was the energy that I needed in my business .  

After completing several other business courses, I felt I was still shaky on fundamental components of my business ( I.e a solid niche & messaging) Ali guided me on my journey & now I feel confident in who I am speaking to and the transformations I provide. 
Along the way, Ali gave me the support & guidance I needed to steer me in the right direction. Her coaching is truly invaluable. She always leaves you empowered & motivated to take action in your business.
 As a result, I have had more calls in a short period of time, higher conversions, & more clarity in my business as a whole. I can't recommend Ali's program enough.  "  

Vanessa Bond

Certified Nutritional Practitioner

"My problem has always been in my offer and the way I created my signature program. It never sat right with me. Not from lack of confidence - it was just “off”. I relooked at it multiple times, in different ways, with different coaches. I worked with Ali on bringing my work and communications back into alignment ... focusing my communications on empowerment through education and action. It's how I want to show up. She's also helped me address my ENTIRE business ... and really focus on what I want to do ... Tapping into my strengths and life lessons and personal beliefs. 
I've learned a lot this past year ... the other programs have been amazing in their own right to help with structure and processes ... but working with Ali was the shift that I really needed .. the soul work as to WHY I want to have a business in the first place.
My entire business (not just program) feels 100% in alignment with where I want to go and how I want to spend my time for the next 10 years. And clients are coming in despite the fact that I chose to dial back on sales-driven activities as I'm reorganizing and creating a better foundation for growth. "

Kathy Grassett

Money Breakthrough Business Coach
"Before I joined the Selling from Your Soul Abundance Academy, I set up my business and had a group program that was running, except that I wasn’t excited about what I had built. I didn’t feel motivated to create content related to my program. 

 I realized that I needed to look at my business from a different perspective & I felt like Ali being a spiritual business coach, even though I don't consider myself spiritual was the right person to help me. 

Ali helped us to discover our life messages and that was a game changer for me. I started to build on ideas that were far more me than what I had created before. I’m so excited now to get my new program into the world & women are engaging with my posts more now that I’ve switched it up.  
Ali’s personalized support each week is worth the price of admission alone.  This personalized feedback is what I was missing in previous programs. She genuinely cares about you as an individual and will dive deep with you into the core of whatever is holding you back. 

 I’m so glad I invested in myself with Ali’s program. I achieved exactly what I needed. I’m on a new path now, I feel connected to what I’m doing. My immediate future is crystal clear for me, and I have so many ideas beyond that I’m just so jazzed about and it feels right now.   

Here is What You are Going to Get

  • The Selling From Your Soul Blueprint with Access for Life:   You will gain access to Ali's step by step signature method which includes all of her secrets to success, so that you can confidently & consistently attract & enroll your ideal clients with ease.    You will have ongoing access to the audios, videos, journal prompts, & worksheets so that you can go at your own pace & return to the materials at any point to deepen your transformation.   You will also gain access to any future upgrades to the content hub.  This blueprint gives you everything that you need to market, & sell your offers successfully. 
  • Weekly Mastermind-Style Zoom Calls with Individualized Hot Seat Coaching: Join us weekly for targeted guidance & direction needed to help you move forward toward your goals.  Whether you need help hashing out your new offer, creating a marketing strategy, brainstorming out your next launch, or simply feel stuck and experiencing resistance, we are here to help you gain more clarity & confidence within your self and your business.  These calls are POWERFUL,  in that you have 1:1 time to get your own questions answered and you also have the benefit of learning from others who are bringing up topics that also apply to your business.  
  • Success Mapping Session + an Additional Private Coaching Session with Ali: Because your business is as unique as you are and so are your goals, we start off with a success mapping session to get a better understanding of where the weaker spots are in your business that you want to focus on in order to see the results that you desire. We will give you a suggested path to follow inside the academy based on your specific needs, however you are free to utilize the trainings however you see fit.  In addition to the success mapping, you will get an additional private coaching session with Ali that you can use to dive deeper into any area of your business that you need support with including strategy, energy, or mindset.  
  • ​Feedback from Industry Experts: Get feedback in the group & on calls from industry experts on social media marketing, selling, branding, launching, scaling, mindset, & more. 
  • ​6 months of access to our private, Facebook Group:  This is a rolling coaching container, which means that the initial investment includes 6 months of coaching, support, & accountability on our calls and inside a private group, however there is an option to extend month to month beyond that if you feel called.   The facebook group is invaluable in keeping you accountable, while you release old patterns & implement a new, soul-aligned strategy for success.  Post in the community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs + experts whenever you have a question, feel stuck, need support, or need help brainstorming. 

 Courses Included: 

The Academy Content Includes These Trainings & More

  • The Energy of an Abundant Business
  • ​Releasing Energetic Patterns that Keep us Stuck
  • ​Creating Magnetic Offers & Your Designing Your Signature Method
  • ​The Real Reason Why People Buy 
  • ​Conveying the Value of Your Offer 
  • ​Empowering Soul Clients to invest with You
  • ​Positioning Your Offers to Stand Out & Sell
  • ​Marketing with Clear Outcomes
  • ​Effectively Pricing & Selling Your Offers
  • ​The Perfect Pricing Formula 
  • ​Getting Your Energy & Belief Behind Your Offers
  • ​Optimizing Your Social Media for Selling
  • ​Created an Engaged & Targeted FB Group for Selling
  • ​Creating a Successful Sales Path + Trello Board Tracking from Lead to Sale
  • ​The Energy, Psychology, & Strategy of Authentic, Effective Selling
  • ​Overcoming Objections Without Feeling Pushy
  • Authentic Follow-Up Strategies for Success
  • BONUS: Authentic Private Messages & Sales Calls that Convert + Swipe Files & Live Examples 
  • ​BONUS: High Converting Sales Pages + Templates
  • ​BONUS: Shifting Sabotaging Patterns that Keep us Stuck
  • ​BONUS: 5 Figure Launch Webinar & Challenge Outlines + Social Media & Email Templates 

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • I don't have much time. What is the time commitment for the program? I designed the academy for busy, ambitious women & with the intention of giving you your time BACK. This program is about making life easier for you and seeing results faster, so that you don't have to waste time on the things that don't work.  That said, you have ongoing access to the materials, so that you can take things at your own pace.  There are always replays of our mastermind coaching calls, so if you can't make it live, you can watch those on your own time. We will have a weekly accountability string before the calls, so you can ask your questions and get them answered on the call even if you can't be there.  The initial investment includes 6 months of coaching & support, however there is an option to extend your time inside the container if you feel called. This helps people to continue implementing and working at their own speed.   
  • ​Will you be working with me individually to help me with my business?  Although the program is in a group format, the mastermind level includes  weekly zooms calls in which I do individualized coaching for anyone that needs it  as well as make myself available in the group for any questions or help throughout the week.  Along the way, there are points in the content where I ask you to submit your work to me for review. You also have access to our group experts in marketing, branding, work life balance, & scaling .  When you enroll in the mastermind level of the academy, we will do an initial onboarding +success mapping call and then we will do an additional private session to work on whatever you need additional coaching and support around.  Most people find that level of support to be enough, however, If you feel like you want to work more closely, I do offer a VIP package for even more hands and deep diving into your specific needs.  
  • Will I benefit from the program if I am not spiritual? 100% yes! This program has no religious affiliations and honors all belief systems as long as they come from a place of love When we talk about spirituality, we are talking about connecting to your heart & the voice within. To your life’s purpose & your bigger vision. I am helping you to tap into your truest self and to honor your own inner wisdom
  • Will I benefit if I have an existing program/business, but don’t feel uncomfortable with sales? Absolutely! While it is true that I help women to remove blocks around selling and confidently share their offers, the Selling From Your Soul Abundance Academy is about SO MUCH more.  If you currently have offers that you are selling, we will help you to optimize whatever needs attention in your business so that you can go to that next level.  We show you how to  build an engaged social media audience, content, & messaging that calls in your ideal clients. We help you to design offers (or refine them) and a business structure that are ideal for those soulmate clients as well as tap into your own passions. We build out a sales path that is unique to you and allows you to have a thriving business around the life that you desire.  We will help you to take your business to the next level whatever that looks like for you. 
  • If I am not a healer, coaches, or wellness entrepreneur, but I have a business that I would like to market online, will I benefit? YES!!!! As long as you are a heart-led human who sells transformative products or services and wants to connect with & enroll ideal clients online, then we are going to get along great!! 
  • Do you have a money back guarantee?  With coaching, we can't offer a money back guarantee for many reasons.  We know that our program works because of the many, many woman who have gone through it with massive success, as long as they committed to doing the work and taking the action.  We have also found that because of the nature of building a business and the sabotaging patterns that often arise when someone starts a program, a money back guarantee gives some people a reason to quit on themselves.  We believe in holding you to the highest standard for yourself because we believe in you! We know that when you follow our guidance and take inspired action, you will see the results.   

Basic Program & Investment Options

Basic Program 
Best Value (save $349)
one time payment 
Saves $349 over payment plan
    Basic Program
    Flexible Payment Plan
    6 monthly payments
      Basic Program
      most Flexible Payment Plan
      9 monthly payments

        VIP Program & Investment Options

         VIP PROGRAM
        Best Value 
        3 spots available 
        one time payment 
        Saves $497 over payment plan
        Includes everything in the basic PLUS:

        90 Minute Deep Dive Kickoff Strategy Mapping Session 
        Three, 60 minute sessions for clarity, direction, & intuitive business coaching
        1 social media platforms audit + makeover 

        VIP Program
        Payment Plan- Most Flexible 
        3 Spots available 
        6 monthly payments

        Includes everything in the basic PLUS:

        90 Minute Deep Dive Kickoff Strategy Mapping Session 
        Three, 60 minute sessions for clarity, direction, & intuitive business coaching
        1 social media platforms audit + makeover 

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