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Calling all Coaches, Wellness Practitioners, & Spiritual Entrepreneurs...  

Magnetize Your Dream Clients & Fulfill Your Soul's Mission 

so you can...

 Grow a THRIVING Business, While Feeling Energized & Inspired Everyday. 

Let me guess... You have a deep desire to make an impact in this world & support others through transformation, while also creating an abundant business that  LIGHTS UP YOUR SOUL. 

However, there are just a few things standing in the way:
  • You are comparing yourself to others & questioning whether you are qualified enough to even offer the services you want  or if maybe you need more training and/or experience. 
  • ​You are putting out offers or selling products/services that you think people want & need,  but they don't excite you or you don't feel as passionate about anymore.
  • ​You have trouble knowing what to focus on & feel uninspired at times which makes it hard to motivate.
  • ​You work a ton of hours & you are still hearing crickets. 
  • ​You feel a pull inside to move in a certain direction, but you are unsure of how & you are second guessing every move.

Lacking Confidence, Clarity, & Direction

Confused, Overwhelmed, & Exhausted

  • ​You have many passions & you don't know how to put them all together without confusing your audience.
  • ​You are unclear about how to find your unique voice in a saturated market. 
  • ​You feel overwhelmed by all the moving parts of life & don't know how you are going to grow a business without sacrificing relationships and/or your health. 
  • ​You feel like you are always calling in the "wrong" people who either don't have the money, don't value what you are offering, or drain your energy.

You May Be Wondering How I Know All of This or
 If I am Reading Your Mind.  
Well... I Am An Intuitive, But That's Not How I Know... LOL

As a holistic healer & business mentor for over 24 years, 
I have been exactly where you are right now. 

I have felt lost, confused, & overwhelmed. I have questioned myself & doubted whether I could really grow the thriving business that I wanted. 

Not only have I overcome all of these obstacles personally & created multiple successful businesses, I have helped thousands of other women just like you to do the same.  

If you are DONE with feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lacking clarity, wasting money & time doing things the "coaches way"

That ends today...

I am going to show you how to discover your soul's mission, unique gifts, & passions, so you can create your personal business blueprint & offers that actually align with who YOU are + magnetizes your dream clients.

Are You Ready?

Hi! I am Ali 

 I am an Holistic Business Coach, Authentic Sales Specialist, & Reiki Master-Teacher. I am also the Founder of the Selling From Your Soul Abundance Academy. I have built many successful businesses in the wellness industry and helped thousands of others to do the same over the past 24 years.

It hasn't always been so easy.  There have been many times throughout the journey when everything in my business felt like a struggle.  There were weeks and months of working countless hours, neglecting my family, & feeling like I had to choose between having a successful business & the other areas of my life. 

There have also been times when I had a voice inside pulling me to change directions or offer new services to a different group of people,  but my insecurities would often stop me from taking the action needed to make it happen. 

I was following one coach after the other who had good intentions, but were telling me what I "should" be offering or what people would be willing to pay for, instead of encouraging me to follow my own heart which was leading me in a new direction.  

The combination of working a ton of hours, not seeing the results, & feeling totally out of alignment left me exhausted & unfulfilled.  

The truth is that I had built the foundations of my business based on what I thought I was "supposed" to do in order to be successful, even if it didn't fit into the other areas of my life or honor my own gifts, passions, and desires. 
I had a vision of what might be possible that was exciting to me & journals filled with ideas, but I didn’t know how to get there.  I was looking for validation outside of myself that what I wanted to do was possible, because I didn't see anyone else teaching the principles that I was teaching.   

It wasn't until I started listening to my own intuition and discovered my unique soul's mission, that I could finally create a business blueprint that would not only support me in growing a thriving business, but one that allowed me to feel deeply fulfilled without sacrificing the other areas of my life. 

When I finally got into alignment within myself & my business, I was able to create a 6 figure income while leveraging my time, so I can be present for all the moments with my family, travel the world, & impact so many more people, while feeling energized and deeply fulfilled.  

That is exactly why I created the Magnetic Business Blueprint....   

It is my step by step, signature process that will walk you through creating YOUR own individual blueprint for success based on your life purpose message, unique gifts, passions, & the life you desire.  

If you are feeling lost, confused, exhausted, or lacking confidence when it comes to growing your business, let me assure you it is not your fault. 

  • ​You have many passions & have been convinced that you must choose only ONE if you want to be successful. I am going to teach you how to blend all of your gifts into one, soul-aligned niche & create unlimited offers art will inspire your audience instead of confuse them. 
  • ​There are so many mixed messages in the marketplace, courses, & "gurus," that have convinced you that there is only one business model for success & when that model doesn't fit into your life or feel aligned, you wind up feeling exhausted & lack motivation which impacts your end result.  I am not that kind of coach. I will teach you business strategies, while also empowering YOU to look within, so that you always have an inner-compass that will point you in the right direction for YOUR business. 
  • ​The mind is programmed to stay stuck & in your comfort zone which keeps you in a cycle of overthinking, people pleasing, perfectionism, & procrastination.   Luckily, I know how to help you shift these patterns so you can get unstuck & start taking inspired action. 
  • ​You have been taught that building a business requires hustle, sacrificing quality time in your relationships, neglecting your health, & sanity... I am going to teach you how to come into alignment in your business, so you can earn more income working less hours. 

This is Why I Created The Magnetic Business Blueprint... 

The Magnetic Business Blueprint is a high-touch coaching program that guides you in creating signature offers that align with your soul & magnetize your dream clients. 

We do this by blending the masculine energies of strategy, structure, action, & confidence with the feminine energies of intuition, inspiration, authenticity, & excitement, so that you can build a THRIVING business that LIGHTS UP YOUR SOUL without hustling, burning out, or sacrificing other areas of your life. 

In the magnetic business blueprint, we will release conscious, unconscious, & energetic patterns of people pleasing, perfectionism, overthinking, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, & procrastination that are blocking you from creating offers that you love, stepping into your leadership, & taking inspired action to build the business & life that you desire & deserve.  

When your business is in alignment with your core values, unique gifts, & passions, you become magnetic to those who you are meant to serve.

This Program is Perfect for You Are:

  • DONE feeling stuck or procrastinating in your business because you fear failing, being judged, or not being qualified enough.
  • DONE feeling like you don't have clarity, confidence, or direction in your messaging or your offers. 
  • DONE spinning your wheels, second guessing yourself, & filling journals with ideas that you never take action on while you watch others who have less experience or knowledge creating successful businesses.  
  • DONE offering products & services that you think you "should" instead of what feels exciting & inspiring to you and then resenting your clients. 
  • DONE feeling tired, bored, burnt out, or like everything is an uphill battle when it comes to your business. 

If You are Ready To:

  • Learn exactly how to combine your passions & put together offers that you are obsessed with & that sell>>> So you can not only be paid abundantly, but feel deeply fulfilled & excited in your business
  • ​Discover your soul's mission & connect with your unique life purpose messages>>> So you can create the foundations of your business to be in alignment with your core values, gifts, & the life you desire. 
  • ​Learn how to put together signature offerings that allow you to leverage your time, create a bigger impact, & make more money in less hours>>>So you can enjoy a life of freedom & flexibility to spend time doing the things you love without sacrificing income. 
  • ​Learn how to tap into an endless source of energy & motivation in your business >>> So you can create a thriving business, without feeling exhausted or burnt out
  • ​Let go of all the expectations, judgements, limiting beliefs, & habits that have kept you from unlocking your full potential>>> So you can show up confidently as the badass that you are & take aligned action in a way that feels authentic 

The Program is Based on 4 Pillars

Release & Re-Align

Becoming aware of the internal & external patterns that are currently influencing the the decisions that you are making in your business & the energies that you are taking action in is the first step to creating alignment in your business.   

 You will learn how to recognize & release conscious, unconscious, & energetic blocks by finding the root belief that is keeping you stuck & shifting it on all levels. While letting go of fear-based, survival self-patterns of sabotage, you will learn how to calibrate your energy to align with your intuition, so that you can approach every aspect of your business with the wisdom & clarity needed to take inspired action on your most aligned path right now. 

 Whether it be procrastination, people pleasing, perfectionism, hustling, and/or overgiving, we get to the core belief & original experience held in your energy field that is keeping you locked in to that pattern and we release it. With various mindfulness exercises, energy clearings, self-coaching techniques, you are empowered with what you need to quickly identify & shift these patterns that surface as you step into new levels of growth. 

As an intuitive, I am able to see these patterns and help you to shift them when often you can not see them yourself. You will have live weekly coaching and daily support on telegram with myself & my team to help you work through these.
Without releasing these patterns at an energetic level, the nervous system and the body continue to react and respond from a place of fear, disconnecting you from your power and from your truth. 

Discover Your Soul's Calling 

We take you through a soul-searching process of helping you to connect with your unique life purpose messages, gifts, passions, core values. & desires..

You get super clear about where your intuition is guiding you right now, who you are excited to help, what you want to help them with, & why it is meaningful for you.  We discover your unique & profitable niche as well as how to create messaging to call in your soul clients who value your services and will happily pay you. 

We help you to step into unshakable confidence & clarity around your secret sauce and what sets you apart.  

We validate your niche & offers making sure that there is a market for it and then we get to know the ins & outs of the people who you want to serve, so that we can learn their language and create compelling content, marketing, & a social media presence that magnetizes them to you.

 This process helps you to connect with the soul of your business which fuels all of the actions that you take and catapults your results. 

Infusing the Soul of Your Business into the Structure  

In order to create alignment in your business, you first need to understand what you desire to align with. What is going to bring you the most joy? What is going to allow you to be in your zone of genius? What is it that you truly desire & prioritize in your business and in your life? 

Most people start a business and they focus on the structure & the strategy first instead of exploring these questions and starting with the vision first. 

When we do this,  we typically wind up molding our life to fit our business instead of structuring our business to support the life we desire. We often wind up exhausted, unmotivated, & resenting our business.

In the program, you will design a soul-aligned business blueprint which will  pull in both the feminine and the masculine energies within us. 

We start with the feminine essence & the vision of what it is that you want your business & overall life to look like.  What are your individual & business core values, beliefs, & mission?   

Once we know that, then we can put together a magnetic business blueprint that pulls in the masculine energy of structure and strategy, so that we make sure that you are building every aspect of your business from a place of alignment with who you are, what you value, & the life you desire. 

This is where you take a step back and let go of the things that are no longer serving and step into what feels exciting, inspiring, & aligned. 

Create Irresistible Offers to Magnetize Soul Clients

We help you to create magnetic offers that you are in love with and that get your clients amazing results. 

Our step by step process helps you to  put together offers that align with your zone of genius, what you enjoy, & allow you to work smarter instead of harder.   You will go through the process of getting clear on your signature method of helping clients to get a result, so you can not only feel that deep sense of confidence within yourself, but communicate the value of what you offer in a way where soul clients feel like working with you is a "no brainer."

 Whether you are looking to put together a course, coaching program, or define a signature process that you take people through, so that you can leverage your time, elevate your authority, & get your clients predictable outcomes, we are going to help you to do just that. 

We go through a process of discovering how your soulmate clients communicate, & then apply principles of buying psychology to create magnetic marketing messaging and social media content that speaks clearly to exactly what  need and desire. The result is that they see you as the go to exert and the no brainer person to work with.

Here is What People Are Saying

Vanessa Bond

Certified Nutritional Practitioner 

"When I created my signature program, something just felt “off” I was doing all of the tactical stuff, but nothing was working & everything felt hard. I had looked at it multiple times, in different ways, with different coaches, but it still felt exhausting like pushing a boulder up a hill. ​

I had been ignoring my instinct and relying on processes so that my entire business and life was falling out of alignment. I wasn’t showing up for my family in the way that I wanted. 

Ali’s program helped me to do the soul-searching work to get really clear on my mission statement & my niche. Organizing my entire business under an umbrella statement of empowerment. She helped me revisit how I was communicating with my audience. Ali helped me to identify & release limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that were keeping me in the same patterns day after day & keeping me stuck. 

Ali has helped me address all aspects of my business and how I'm using my time. My entire business feels 100% in alignment with where I want to go and how I want to spend my time for the next 10 years. 

Being aligned now, clients are coming in despite the fact that I chose to dial back on sales-driven activities It has been such a great investment not only in my business, but in my life.”​

Kristin Wedding

Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

"When I first started working with Ali, I had a program that I wasn’t in love with and there was something deep inside me that I really wanted to do. I felt like this thing had been weighing on me for a year, and within a month I was able to put it together and confidently offer it to 12 people, 8 who said YES.  

This was my first 10k launch and I didn't even have a webinar or formal launch event.  I was able to do that without this struggle and weight that I’d felt for so long. Ali was so quick to be able to see that and help me identify what needed to be done. It’s unlike any other coach I’ve had, and I’ve had SO many. 

I cannot HIGHLY recommend her to anyone, no matter where people are in their business whether they are just starting out, you have all the tactics. Ali helps to make it not so scary and make it digestible. To make it feel authentic without feeling salesy. Even for those further along in their business like I was, it really helps get you in that zone of flow where everything comes together and feels right, and then realizing that success finally without all the struggles."

Dr. Christina Cruz

Clinical Psychologist 

"I am extremely grateful for my time in Ali's program. I chose to enroll because it was the energy that I needed in my business .  

After completing several other business courses, I felt I was still shaky on fundamental components of my business ( I.e a solid niche & messaging) Ali guided me on my journey & now I feel confident in who I am speaking to and the transformations I provide. 
Along the way, Ali gave me the support & guidance I needed to steer me in the right direction. Her coaching is truly invaluable. She always leaves you empowered & motivated to take action in your business.
 As a result, I have had more calls in a short period of time, higher conversions, & more clarity in my business as a whole. I can't recommend Ali's program enough.  "  

Donna Brown

Intuitive Coach & Energy Healer

" I have learned so much Ali about how to attract the right clients to our program or workshop using language that resonates with them. I was feeling challenged by the lack of signups for a recent program I was launching and I shared my copy with her. She recommended a few tweaks and within hours of posting the revised info, I received two registrations! 

Our weekly calls are so powerful and filled with such great insight and inspiration. The 1:1 coaching aspect is priceless whether it is our own or hearing the others being coached. After yesterday's call, I heard from a friend and as we were chatting decided she wanted to purchase a 3 session Reiki package from me. She did before we finished the call!  When the belief, the mindset and intention are in alignment, the Universe provides.

I am a spiritual entrepreneur similar to Ali so she understands my business, has a magical touch and I love being in her circle. 

I highly recommend working with her in any capacity. Her energy is amazing and I always look forward to learning from her and connecting with her! Thank you Ali Sievewright for your guidance, I am so so grateful!"

Rae Ann Mullins

Wellness & Fitness Nutrition Coach 

I first started working with Ali at a time when I felt lost, scattered, overwhelmed, & stuck. I had a
program & clients, but everything felt out of alignment. Nothing felt like I was doing anything for me anymore. 

 Ali helped me to look inside myself and decide exactly what I wanted to do. She helped me redefine my niche and re-establish what I wanted to do with my program . Ali helped me get rid of money mindset blocks that were keeping me stuck. After doing this internal work & her energy clearings EVERYTHING changed in my business. I felt more confident, free, and I was so in alignment. 

Since then, I am working with my maximum amount of 1:1 clients, I just sent out a private invite for my 12 week group program and had 5 people sign up instantly, & I am getting ready to launch a new program after a 5 day challenge that 89 people are already signed up for! It’s all because I now feel fully aligned. Ali is such a great coach who really listens and has helped me so much with her guidance.

Kathy Grassett

Money Mindset & Business Coach
"Before I joined Ali's program, I set up my business and had a group program that was running, except that I wasn’t excited about what I had built. I didn’t feel motivated to create content related to my program. 

 I realized that I needed to look at my business from a different perspective & I felt like Ali being a spiritual business coach, even though I don't consider myself spiritual was the right person to help me. 

Ali helped us to discover our life messages and that was a game changer for me. I started to build on ideas that were far more me than what I had created before. I’m so excited now to get my new program into the world & women are engaging with my posts more now that I’ve switched it up.  

 I’m so glad I invested in myself with Ali’s program. I achieved exactly what I needed. I’m on a new path now, I feel connected to what I’m doing. My immediate future is crystal clear for me, and I have so many ideas beyond that I’m just so jazzed about and it feels right now.   

Here is What You are Going to Get

  • The Magnetic Blueprint with Access for Life:   You will gain access to a content hub with Ali's step by step blueprint to become crystal clear in your  messaging & confidently create magnetic offers that not only align with your heart, but attract your ideal clients.  You will have ongoing access to the audios, videos, meditations,  journal prompts, & worksheets so that you can go at your own pace & return to the materials over & over again whenever you want to create new offers or feel out of alignment at all in your business. This blueprint gives you everything that you need to design a business that is exciting, inspiring, & abundant.  Aligning yourself in your business will give you financial abundance for years to come. 
  • ​Private Group Mastermind Chat with Daily Coaching & Accountability:  This group support chat on telegram is invaluable to keeping you accountable and coaching you daily as you take action in your business. Use this chat as a way to receive voice message coaching & guidance from Ali & her team daily, brainstorm with other members, stay accountable, & always have expert eyes on what you are creating.  8 Weeks + 4 Bonus Weeks access to the chat with an option to extend. 
  • ​Weekly Group Coaching Calls: Never feel like you are going through this journey alone when you join us on our weekly group calls. These calls offer support, accountability, trainings on relevant topics, & hot seat coaching with individualized guidance to help the group move through resistance & any stuck points that might be coming up. These calls bring clarity & direction to help you grow your business even faster
  • ​Feedback from Industry Experts: Get daily help & feedback in the FB group, on the coaching calls, & in the telegram group chat from social media, email marketing, sales, & mindset, experts. 
  • ​Private FB Support Group: Gain access for 8 + 4 bonus weeks in our private facebook group with others going through the program as well as coaches & experts. Post in there when you need help brainstorming, when you have a question, or when you need moral support to help you get unstuck.


Pricing + Bonuses End on Monday, March 27th @ 10:00 pm CST/11:00 pm EST
  • $500 OFF Regular Program Pricing
  • Private Group Mastermind Chat with Daily Voice Coaching & Accountability ($1,997 Value)
  • 4 Additional Weeks of Coaching 
  • Immediate access to create a juicy lead magnet to grow an audience of ideal clients workshop 
  • Pay in Full Bonus: Grab a 1:1 Soul-Aligned Strategy Session with Ali 


The Program Content Includes These Trainings & More

  • ​Discovering Your Life Purpose  + Your Soul-Aligned Niche
  • ​Communicating the Value of Your Offers To Call In Perfect Fit Clients  
  • ​Building Your Business from Your Highest Self
  • ​Manifesting Your Ideal Life & Business into Reality 
  • ​Creating a Magnetic Mission & Core Messaging
  • ​Tying All of Your Passions Together Under One Cohesive Brand
  • ​Designing Your Soul-Aligned, Master Business Blueprint 
  • Putting Together Intro Offers That Easily Lead to a Bigger Offer
  • ​Designing a Signature Package, Course, or Coaching Program 
  • ​Defining Your Unique Method and Creating a Process  That Sets Clients Up for Success
  • ​Building Your Belief in Yourself + Your Offer
  • ​The Perfect Pricing Formula 
  • ​Getting Your Energy Behind Your Offers
  • ​Early Bird Bonuses & Pre-Enrollments
  • ​BONUS: Harnessing the Masculine & Feminine Energies for an Aligned + Abundant Business
  • ​BONUS: Shifting the Disempowered Energies Within
  • ​BONUS: Creating More Results without Overwhelm & Hustle 
  • ​BONUS: Incorporating Products into a Course or Program
  • ​BONUS: Social Media & Branding Makeover Course: Create a professional & cohesive online presence that will help you stand out from the crowd & call in your ideal clients
  • ​BONUS: Niche from Your Soul  Gain unshakable confidence &  clarity around your unique, soul-aligned niche & how to reach your soulmate clients. 

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        2 deep dive sessions with Ali to help you gain clarity & direction in your messaging, offers, pricing, and anything else stopping you from moving forward with confidence 

        Social Media & Content Audit 

        Private 1:1 Voice Message/Chat Support
          VIP 3 month Payment Plan
          Everything Included in the Basic Program +
          2 deep dive sessions with Ali to help you gain clarity & direction in your messaging, offers, pricing, and anything else stopping you from moving forward with confidence 

          Social Media & Content Audit 

          Private Voice Message/Chat Support 
          3 Monthly Payments

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