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Become Magnetic to Your Soulmate Clients & Confidently Grow Your Business from a Place of Energetic Alignment, 

So you can surpass your financial goals without using inauthentic sales methods, hustling, or compromising other areas of your life.  

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Let me guess.. You are a spiritual woman who has big goals for your business & your life, however there are a few things getting in the way... 

  •  You often feel lost, confused, overwhelmed, & exhausted by all the business strategies & things you think you "should" be doing to get there.
  • Your mind is racing with ideas, but you stop yourself from taking action & offering them on social media because you are overthinking, second guessing, & worrying that they need to be just right or nobody will buy them and then you will look foolish.  
  • You have taken all the courses, followed the gurus, seen others have success in your industry,  & you keep wondering what it is that they have & you don't. 
  •  You sometimes feel like a fraud or worry that people will find out that you aren't as experienced as others, stopping you from confidently sharing your magic & helping those who NEED you!
  • You go through periods of focused work & hustle, only to be met by procrastination, lack of focus, & burnout. 
  • You are tired of feeling like you have to work a million hours to see the success you want, all while sacrificing the time you spend nurturing yourself & your relationships. 

Listen Beautiful...

You were meant for more & you know it. You know in your heart that you have magic & that people deserve to know about it.  I believe you were drawn into my world because your soul is calling you to step into a new level of growth & expansion.  

But just because you are being called to serve doesn't mean that you have to hustle, work a ton of hours, or sacrifice other areas in your life in order to create a business that is overflowing with abundance.  

There is an easy way and a hard way when it comes to creating a kick ass business that supports the life you want to live.  As an Intuitive Business Coach, Reiki Master-Teacher, & Authentic Selling Specialist for over  23 years, I have done it both ways & I think you can guess which way worked out for me. 

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, or doubting your ability to create a thriving business without losing your sanity, that ends today...,

My passion is teaching ancient wisdom to modern women who desire to bring in more joy, inner-peace, & expansion to their lives, while becoming magnetic to abundance from a place of alignment. 

Together we are going to re-align your energy &  release abundance blocks that are keeping you from unlocking your full potential & manifesting a new level of success, all while reaching your soulmate clients in the process with more ease. 

Are You Ready?

If you have a deep desire to step into a new level of growth in your life & business, however you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lacking clarity, and confidence around how to make that happen, let me assure you, it is not your fault. 

  • The majority of people are going through life on autopilot, acting, reacting, & making decisions from their unconscious thoughts & belief systems which are hardwired in the mind to keep us safe & in our comfort zone, thereby sabotaging our efforts for change. 
  • You have all the strategies that you could ever want, but you lack consistency & you also have the internal patterns of people pleasing, perfectionism, fear of judgement, imposter syndrome, & self doubt that are running the show and keeping you stuck in a loop of overthinking & procrastination. 
  • ​You have never been shown how to get into energetic alignment & quiet all the internal & external noise distracting you, so you can stop the overthinking and channel offers & content that will speak directly to your soulmate clients.  
  • You have been shown business strategies that may work for the gurus but don't feel authentic to you or fit into your lifestyle, so you wind up jumping from one thing to the next looking for the magic formula.
  • ​You have been told that success comes with sacrifice & and you are trying to earn more by "doing more" when in reality you can 10x your results by doing less when you know how to harness life force energy & take inspired action from a flow state.  

That is Why I Created the Soulful Entrepreneurs Society...

The Soulful Entrepreneurs Society is a spiritually inspired community of healers, coaches, wellness practitioners, & purpose-driven entrepreneurs in the online space who want to step into their next level of personal & business growth by mastering their energy & psychology as they take inspired action on soul-aligned strategies for success. 

In our membership, you will enjoy personal development, spiritual growth, business trainings, accountability, energy clearings, meditations, intuitive readings & coaching led by Ali Sievewright & her team of experts.  

 You will also have the support & accountability of like-minded entrepreneurs who not only want to explode their business with confidence, but they want to do it in a way that is authentic & aligned with their core values, passions, unique gifts, & the lifestyle they desire.  

The Soulful Entrepreneurs Society is Based on 5 Pillars...

Soulful Business Strategy & Energy for Success

As purpose-driven entrepreneurs, our businesses are as unique as we are, so there is no one size fits all, cookie cutter strategy for growth.  What might feel good & authentic to one person, might feel uncomfortable or not fit into someone else's vision of success.  We help you to create a business that is a reflection of your own individual life purpose, passions, experiences, gifts, core values, & what feels authentic to you. My belief is that our businesses should fit into the life that we want, not take away from it.  

We are often being pulled in a million directions, juggling all the balls of life, & trying to grow a thriving business, while balancing all the other roles that we play. We may find ourselves easily overwhelmed, frustrated, lacking focus, or snapping at our loved ones because we don’t know how to do it all without losing our sanity. 

We will explore both the strategic & energetic aspects of an abundant business, so that you can take consistent, inspired action & 10x the results that you are seeing without sacrificing other areas of your life in order to attain success.  

Energetic Vibration &Manifestation

Everything we see begins in the energetic field and then manifests in the physical & emotional form. Science tells us that our energetic frequency is attracting people & situations to us, thereby creating our reality. 

 At the quantum level, all realities are possible & infinite.  Our job is to embody the next level version of ourselves while we take inspired action, creating an energetic frequency that allows us to become magnetic to our goals with more ease. We do this by learning how to raise our vibration,  release energetic blocks, & take inspired action from a place of alignment.   

In the membership, we will explore topics & tools to help you stay in alignment energetically. We will also have monthly, themed energy clearings & library of meditations to help you work on recognizing & releasing energetic blocks to success, joy, fulfillment,  & inner peace. These sessions are powerful and help to bring more clarity & direction.   

Mindset & Emotional Mastery 

 Often when we feel stuck or stagnant it is because there is an underlying belief or pattern that is driving the bus and causing us to lack confidence or certainty needed to go to the next level.  These unconscious beliefs & experiences are held deep in the mind & stored as emotions in the energetic field, which are impacting the results that you have in your life right now. 

 These distorted beliefs & unprocessed emotions around life experiences such as guilt, shame, resentment, & lack of self worth have become a part of our identity and keep us in a loop of undercharging, over-giving, people pleasing, & perfectionism.  We will not only release these patterns on a conscious level & help you to reprogram your unconscious mind, but through meditations, energy clearings, & healings, we will release them on an energetic level as well, so you can be free from the burden of the past and confidently step into your next level of joy & abundance once & for all.  

Spiritual Connection & Intuition

Often when we feel lost, confused, or lacking clarity about our next steps it is because we are trying to figure it out with our logical mind, instead of tuning into our own intuition and the divine guidance that always surrounds us and knows the path to get us there. When we have a desire for change or an intuitive pull for something bigger & better in our lives, it is because we are connecting with that part of ourselves that already knows there is a path and is ready to help us get there. 

 Unfortunately because our mind is so cluttered with noise & we often don’t take time to slow down and tune into that inner-wisdom, we may not hear what it is trying to tell us. We are always being supported on our journey & co-creating our reality with something bigger than ourselves. 

When we learn how to turn down the volume of our sabotaging thoughts & turn up the volume on our internal wisdom, we tap into an endless source of creativity, inspiration, & ideas that we can then take aligned action on to get us to where we want to go.

Accountability & Inspired Action 

 I am a big believer that no amount of hand-holding, time-blocking, coaching calls, or accountability partners will hold you accountable if you are operating your business from a place of fear, doubt, sabotage, or you are not 100% excited & confident with what you are offering. If you are not feeling motivated by the work that you are doing, because you are doing tasks that exhaust you, not feeling connected to your deeper purpose, or succumbing to overwhelm,  those external strategies are not going to be effective.
That is why in addition to supporting you with weekly check-ins, live calls, & 24/7 access to our FB group, I have laid out trainings for you to get into alignment with what is EXCITING to you right now, WHY building this business is so important to you, and HOW to overcome fear, sabotage, overwhelm, & procrastination keeping you stuck. 

The society is really about supporting you in taking action from a place of inspiration. Not from pushing you to motivate, but from helping you to connect with your deeper purpose and your own internal motivations, passions, & what is exciting to you right now, so that you naturally feel the fire in your belly to hop out of bed in the morning and build your business.  

I know that we are all better together and we can get a lot more done a lot FASTER when we are all taking inspired action and keeping each other accountable, celebrating our wins, & helping each other through the stuck points. 

What You Are Going to Get...

  • New, Monthly Trainings: We will explore topics such as magnetic marketing & soulful sales strategy, mindset & emotional mastery, personal energy, manifestation, & spiritual connection in order to help you step into your next level of personal growth, while taking inspired action in your business with confidence & clarity. 
  • LIVE Themed Energy Healings, Clearings, & Meditations: An integral part of tuning your vibration to one that is magnetic to abundance is releasing energetic blocks that are keeping you from what it is that you desire.  Through gentle energy healing & meditation, you will begin to unlock your own inner-wisdom and learn how to access the answers that are waiting for you to receive from your highest self, opening a path to more clarity, confidence, & joy. 
  • Intuitive Business Guidance & Clarity Sessions on FB LIVE: Ask your questions & get them answered with a blend of business coaching & intuitive guidance. These powerful sessions give you  channeled messages & grounded strategies to move forward with more clarity & direction. 
  • Core Content Vault:  Enjoy an ever-evolving, rich content hub of pre-recorded trainings, written trainings, meditations, journal prompts, & action tasks designed to help you grow yourself & your business from a place of energetic alignment. Trainings are available through audio/video, & or written form for visual learners. 
  • ​Weekly & Daily Accountability: You will have access to our  private, Facebook Group which will be invaluable in keeping you accountable, while you release old patterns & implement a new habits for success.   Weekly posts prompt you to set goals, reflect on where you need to focus, & move through stuck points.  Post in our community whenever you have a question, feel stuck, or need support. Every week we will follow up on the goals you set on Monday. ​
  • Discounts on Courses, Programs, & 1:1 Coaching Services 

Join as a VIP and get...

  • ​ Individual Business Coaching + Masterminding Over Zoom: Join us twice a month for individualized coaching + masterminding with your peers on zoom.  Hash out ideas and receive targeted feedback on your messaging, offers, marketing strategies, mindset, launches, & anything else you need to give you clarity & direction. 

Limited Time Bonuses ...

  • Releasing Money Blocks Workshop & Energy Clearing
  • Creating Authentic Social Media That Inspires Action
  • Trello Board Template for Tracking Income Producing Activities. 
  • Meditation Made Simple Masterclass 

Additional Bonus Courses Included...

What People Are Saying...

Vanessa Bond

Certified Nutritional Practitioner 

"When I created my signature program, something just felt “off”. I relooked at it multiple times, in different ways, with different coaches. ‍‍‍‍‍The other programs I have been in this year have been amazing in their own right ... but working with Ali was the shift that I really needed .. the soul work as to WHY I want to have a business in the first place. 
Going into Ali's program, I felt pulled in a million directions, the focus was always on "get the sale done" and truly, I wasn't showing up at work or for my family in the way that I wanted.
Ali has helped me address all aspects of my business and how I'm using my time. She's helped me tap into more feel-good energies and repel that which exhausts me. My entire business feels 100% in alignment with where I want to go and how I want to spend my time for the next 10 years. 

Being aligned now, clients are coming in despite the fact that I chose to dial back on sales-driven activities as I'm reorganizing and creating a better foundation for growth."

Kristin Wedding

Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

I came into the Selling From Your Soul Abundance Academy with a program that I wasn’t in love with and there was something deep inside me that I really wanted to do. I felt like this thing had been weighing on me for a year, and within a month I was able to put it together and confidently offer it to 12 people, 8 who said YES.  

This was my first 10k launch and I didn't even have a webinar or formal launch event.  I was able to do that without this struggle and weight that I’d felt for so long. Ali was so quick to be able to see that and help me identify what needed to be done. It’s unlike any other coach I’ve had, and I’ve had SO many. 

I cannot HIGHLY recommend her to anyone, no matter where people are in their business whether they are just starting out, you have all the tactics. Ali helps to make it not so scary and make it digestible. To make it feel authentic without feeling salesy. Even for those further along in their business like I was, it really helps get you in that zone of flow where everything comes together and feels right, and then realizing that success finally without all the struggles.

Mari Frengstad

Nutritional & Holistic Practitioner
"Ali has shown me how to align my offering with my heart, so it doesn’t drain me. It has been such a pivoting experience, because the moment you are aligned, you are able to reach out to people in a different way. 
Ali has also shown me what I didn’t learn in Nutrition School, which is the framework of sales. When I had an offer, she showed me how to engage in a meaningful way. I feel empowered by it and I can see that I’m helping more people that way. I launched my program while in the academy & enrolled 8 women along with many other new clients for my other packages. 

Ali is an amazing coach. She is great at holding space and listening to the technical issues or otherwise that we have in our businesses and she is great at giving advice. She will be there when you need it and it’s been fantastic work in a group with these amazing women and engaging entrepreneurs. She’s certainly turned a lot of coaches around. 

If you struggle with not feeling aligned with your business or you may have an amazing product, but maybe the process of actually selling it is taking too much energy, I recommend you talk to Ali. The journey she’s taken me on has changed my life."   


This is for You If You Desire to:

  •  Tap into an endless source of creativity, inspiration, & motivation in your business, so you can take aligned action & surpass your  goals while still having the energy to enjoy time with your loved ones.  
  • ​Accelerate your results & make quantum leaps in your business, so you can consistently hit your financial goals without working harder, hustling, or burning out. 
  • ​Become magnetic to soulmate clients who send you messages asking how they can get started instead of always worrying about where your next client is coming from. 
  • ​​Reprogram your mind to live from the present moment, so you can easily tap into the energy of your audience + channel winning ideas & powerful social media content that flows right through you & inspires action. 
  •  Co-create your reality with spirit by learning how to set intentions & then tune into divine guidance within you & around you pointing you on a clear path to anything that you desire. 
  • ​Calibrate your energy with a group of high-vibrating women all on a mission to expand personally, spiritually, & professionally, so you always have the support & accountability that you need to go to that next level. 

If You are Ready To Learn:

  • ​How to raise your vibe, re-align your energy, & create a social media presence where soulmate clients can instantly FEEL that you are their "go to," >>> So you can consistently call in the right clients & 10x your results from a place of joy, fulfillment, & ease. 
  • ​How to balance your nervous system & rewire internal, fear-based belief patterns that are keeping you stuck>>> So you can  unlock your full potential & confidently move forward building your business from your highest self
  • ​How to design, market, & sell your offers in a way that is not only effective, but an authentic reflection of your core values & the things in life that are most meaningful to you >>> So that you can build your business to support the life you desire with flexibility & freedom, instead of trying to schedule your life around your business. 
  • How to reprogram your mind & body to become more emotionally resilient & focused on the present moment>>> So you can respond to stressful situations from a calm, & grounded space, instead of being triggered into old patterns of fear, overwhelm, shame, or self-doubt..  
  • ​How to embody the frequency of the future version of yourself who has everything that she wants>>> So you become magnetic to everything you desire & collapse time between your goals & when you manifest them. 
  • ​How to connect with your intuition & the divine guidance that surrounds you>>> So you can co-create your reality with source energy & always know which steps to take next. 

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          Frequently Asked Questions...

          • What is the time commitment to joining? There is no required time commitment in order to participate. One of the key intentions for this membership is to give you your time BACK. Meaning, I want you to learn how to 10x the results in your business by working smarter, not harder. And that is exactly what happens when you get into personal & business alignment. Some people join and want to dive in full speed ahead. Others choose to browse the pre-recorded content hub, join the live trainings, clearings, + Q & A sessions at their leisure. Everything that you need to support your personal & business growth is available to you as long as you remain a member of the group, so you can work through it in your own timing. 
          • Can I cancel my membership at any time? Yes! My goal is not to hold you a lifetime prisoner in a space that you don’t want to be. LOL. Although I am certain that this membership will be packed with a ton of value to take you to your next level of success, it is not for everyone and that is ok. It is super easy to cancel the membership at any time from your membership account. If you cancel, you will be ending any future payments, but you will continue to have access throughout the duration of your current payment plan. 
          • Can I lock in the price for $49 and upgrade at the locked in VIP price later? Whichever level and price point you choose now will be locked in as long as you are a member. You are always welcome to upgrade into the VIP level if there is space available, however the price will be whatever it currently is at the time you upgrade. 
          • Can I return to the membership if I were to leave? Absolutely! If you were to join as a founding member and then leave the membership, you are always welcome back. Just know, however, that the founding member pricing is the lowest it will ever be and is locked in for life as long as you remain a member. If you choose to leave and come back, the investment would be whatever the current investment is at the time. 
          • ​When will the live trainings & events be? There will be many opportunities to attend a live event, whether it is a training, energy clearing, intuitive coaching & clarity session, or anything else that we do in the group. We will look at my schedule in combination with the majority of the founding members’ availability and offer a variety of time & opportunities to join. There will always be replays available and time to ask questions outside of the live trainings
          • ​How much access to you do I have for coaching or feedback? Great question! The live trainings will always have an element of interaction & the opportunity to ask questions. You will also be able to ask questions on the replay.  We have a weekly accountability string where you can ask questions to get unstuck. I will also be offering intuitive business readings. You are always welcome to post in the group for support from our group members. If you would like more individualized coaching & feedback, the VIP option will give us time to hop on group coaching calls twice a month for more targeted feedback. Feel free to reachout to me at ali@karmahealingsolutions.com to discuss the right coaching option for you.