Learn How to Market & Sell Online in a Way That is 
Authentic, Effective, & Aligned with Your Soul's Mission,
so you can...

Confidently Attract & Enroll Your Ideal Clients Without Feeling 
Awkward or Salesy

As healers, coaches, & wellness practitioners, & spiritual entrepreneurs, our businesses are an extension of our soul's purpose.   

Hello beautiful.  If we have not met before, let me introduce myself.  My name is Ali Sievewright. I am a holistic business coach, authentic selling specialist, & an intuitive. I am also the founder of the Selling from Your Soul Abundance Academy. 

What I have learned from my own personal experience as a heart-based entrepreneur for over 23 years & having worked with so many women through the years, is that your business is an extension of your soul's purpose.

You are the life-blood of your business & therefore infusing your energy & your purpose into your services is a vital part of attracting your soulmate clients & creating abundance in your business with ease.  When we lack clarity or confidence around what services to offer, who are ideal clients are, how to communicate our secret sauce using magnetic marketing messages, or how to share our magic in a way that feels authentic, then we become out of alignment in our business. 

We may feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or doubting whether or not entrepreneurship is for us when it can sometimes feel like nobody is listening.  

I have been here myself & I have helped hundreds of other women just like you feel the fire in their belly again and  finally build the thriving business that they have been dreaming about.  Once I discovered the secret sauce to attracting my ideal clients with ease, I knew that I had to share my framework with the world.  

That is When Selling From Your Soul Bootcamp Was Born... 

Selling From Your Soul Bootcamp is a self-guided course that will help you to overcome self-doubt around selling, as well as gain clarity & confidence with your offers & how to market them in a way that attracts your ideal clients & helps you to standout as the go-to person. 

This bootcamp is meant to help you get unstuck & kickstart you you in creating magnetic marketing & a soulful sales process that will help you to more easily share your services.  It is a highlights version of the longer coaching program Selling From Your Soul Abundance Academy, and explores many of the same themes around magnetic marketing & authentic selling. 

❌You are DONE feeling stuck in either starting or growing your business for fear of failing, being judged, or appearing to be pushy.
❌If you are DONE feeling like you need another certification in order to be taken seriously. 
❌You are DONE feeling frustrated from not seeing the results of your hard work & you are wondering if you should just throw in the towel on your dreams. 
❌You are DONE sitting on the sidelines and watching others build successful businesses while you wonder what their secret is.
❌You are DONE feeling like people don't value what you are offering or you constantly hear the money objection. 
❌You are DONE feeling tired, burnt out, or like everything is an uphill battle when it comes to your business. 
​❌ You are DONE wasting money on courses that leave you feeling more overwhelmed & confused. 
✔️Learn how to shift from feeling uncomfortable around offering your products & services to confidently sharing the transformation you provide in a way that resonates with your ideal client>>> so they feel as if working with you is a no-brainer. 

✔️Gain clarity around your purpose, your brand message, & your mission>>> So you can position your offers in a way that attracts your ideal clients with ease. 

✔️Learn why you keep bumping up against the money objection & find out the REAL reason why people buy>>> So that you can start making the income & impact that you were put on this earth to make. 

✔️Learn how to tap into an endless source of energy & motivation in your business >>> So you can create a thriving business, without feeling exhausted or burnt out. 

✔️Let go of all the expectations, judgements, limiting beliefs, & habits that have kept you from unlocking your full potential >>> So you can show up confidently as the badass that you are and take aligned action in a way that feels authentic.

What People Are Saying About the Bootcamp

" I wanted to thank Ali Sievewright for creating Selling From Your Soul. She helped me to achieve the clarity that I needed to ensure my business was an authentic expression of my gifts & abilities. 

It allowed me to dig deep and focus on what brings me joys that I can structure my business accordingly & do so in a way that rings tureen a soul level for me. This isn't a "fluff" course at all. Expect some deep excavation that will uncover any blocks while giving you the tools to through whatever resistance arises. 

This program is perfect for heart-based entrepreneurs who want to serve others first & foremost while also being in service to our deepest selves. 
I am so grateful for Ali Sievewright and her "Selling From The Soul class." It was an incredible experience from start to finish. I learned so much and continue to implement her teachings every day!

I personally felt drawn to Ali's class. When I received one of her promotional emails, I felt like the message was speaking directly to me. I felt compelled to reach out to her, and after chatting knew I had to sign up. Fast forward a week or so into the class, we learned how to attract our ideal clients. BOOM!!! Ali is a master at that! 

The program brought many positive changes in my life and business. Most importantly, I became clear on my mission. In fact, after defining it with Ali, I spoke the exact words to a new prospect who became a client the next day! With Ali's techniques, I created a new offering for July and reconnected to my favorite morning routine of gratitude and journaling. She is a catalyst for so much positive change.

What You Are Going to Get

  • 6 Deep DIVE Zoom Trainings to help you gain clarity on your niche, your offers, & how to sell them in a way that is authentic & attracts your ideal client
  • Worksheets & Journal Prompts to help you integrate the learnings & create the structures for a thriving business that LIGHTS YOU UP
  • Overcoming Sabotage & Building Your Business From Your Highest Self
  • Finding Your Unique Life Purpose & Life Messages 
  • Discovering Your Unique & Profitable Niche
  • Discovering Your Soulmate Clients
  • Deigning Your Soul-Aligned Business & Offers.
  • Connecting with Your Soulmate Clients on Social Media
  • Training to help you price & promote your offers confidently, so that your ideal clients are ready to work with you NOW
  • Authentic Sales call training & overcoming objections without feeling pushy + sales call template
  • ​So much more!
SElf-Paced Course
Ongoing access to the Selling From Your Soul Bootcamp

Self -Paced Course with VIP
Receive access to the Selling From Your Soul Bootcamp PLUS 1 Private Soul-Aligned Strategy Session with Ali to help you gain clarity, confidence, direction, & a plan in any area of your business. 

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