Create Powerful Social Media Content & Show Up Confidently on Live Video,

So you can standout & become magnetic to those you 
are meant to serve. 

Are you Ready?

You want to make connections with your ideal client through your content and inspire them to take action, however:  

  •  Content creation feels overwhelming & like a never-ending chore
  • You are confused about which platform to use, how often to post, & how to stay relevant in a flooded market
  • The algorithms change as often as you change your underwear & you have no clue how to get ahead of them so that people actually SEE & engage with your content
  • Coming up with new ideas all the time for things to talk is exhausting & makes you question whether this online thing is even for you. 
  • ​You feel uncomfortable on live video & you question if what you have to say is even what people want to listen to.

I get it and I have been here myself.

The good news is that once you understand the strategy, energy, & psychology of social media content that converts and how to organize, recycle, & create content that flows right through you, you will never run out of things to say or feel overwhelmed again.  

Sound good?

The problem that  most entrepreneurs in the online space quickly realize is that  just because they are good at what they do, doesn’t mean that they know how to market & sell their services through their content.  Learning the foundations for connecting with your audience & inspiring them to take those next steps in a way that feels easy & organic for you is a GAMECHANGER. 

 Understanding how to use energetics, the power of language, & a proven blueprint for success in both written & live content, while learning how to recycle your content without anyone ever knowing is key to exploding your business without burning out. 

Hello Gorgeous! My name is Ali

If we have not met, let me take a hot sec to introduce myself. I am a holistic business coach, an authentic selling specialist. 

 I work with healers, coaches, & wellness-based entrepreneurs to create magnetic messaging & a soul-aligned sales path that inspires social media followers to become paying clients. 

What I have learned from my own personal experience as a heart-based entrepreneur for over 24 years & having worked with so many women through the years, is that getting your heart-felt message out to your ideal client is much easier than you would think when you understand how to create social media content & live video that inspires, engages, & converts. 

After a lot of trial & error with my content, I feel like I have cracked the code and I have shared it with so many others who are now using my methods to attract & enroll their ideal clients effortlessly. 

There have been many times in my business when I didn't know how to communicate the value of what I was offering to others so they would know working with me was their next best step. I heard the money objection a lot and had crickets on my social media content because I didn't know how to set myself apart from the others online. 

By combining my background in authentic selling, energetics, & psychology I discovered the elements needed for my soulmate client to make a buying decision simply by connecting to them in powerful content and ever since, I open my inbox to new clients everyday wanting to know how they can get started with me. 

There are so many well-meaning entrepreneurs who are selling online in a way that does not inspire action or connect with their ideal audience.  Because of this, I have met a lot of healers, coaches, & transformation-based entrepreneurs questioning whether they should throw the towel in on their dreams. 

I knew that once I discovered the secret sauce in my content needed to explode my business, I had to share it with others. I am so excited for you to see how fun, easy, & energizing content creation when it works!

This is When I Created Magnetic Content & Live Video Mastery.... 

In this course, you will learn about how to create written & live content that engages & inspires social media followers to take action. Learn how to create, organize, re-use, & simplify content, so that you can build trust with your audience from a place of ease. Dive into marketing strategy, sales psychology, & energy principles to confidently call in your ideal clients!


❌You are DONE feeling like a hamster on a wheel, always feeling like you need to create new content in order to stay relevant. 
❌If you are DONE forcing yourself to post on social media so that the algorithms work in your favor even though you can't think of anything to say.
❌You are DONE feeling like the content that you post on social media isn't getting any traction & you are frustrated from not seeing the results of your hard work. 
❌You are DONE hearing crickets on your posts and wondering why you spend the time if nobody is paying attention. 
❌You are DONE holding yourself back from going live because you don't know what to say or you don't feel confident in front of the camera. . 
✔️Learn how to consistently create social media content that calls in your ideal clients>>> so you can wake up to messages in your inbox asking how they can get started working with you. 

✔️Learn the key components to powerful content that speaks to the needs & emotions of your ideal audience >>> So they know that what you have is exactly what they are looking for. 

✔️Learn how to recycle & track content so that it can be used in various forms & you never run out of things to post even when you aren't inspires>>> So that you have a rinse & repeat system for scheduling that frees up your time to do other things that you enjoy in your business.

✔️How to tap into the energy of your audience and what they are looking for right now, >>> so you can intuitively download the content & they seem to be effortless written in no time at all

✔️Learn the ins & outs of live video, algorithm hacks, & how to engage your audience>>>  So that more people see & share your videos, as well as feel called to take the next steps with you. 

What People Are Saying About the Course

Donna Brown

Intuitive Coach & Energy Healer
"I have been working with Ali for a few months and I have learned so much from her in how to attract the right clients to our program or workshop using language that resonates with them. I was feeling challenged by the lack of signups for a recent program I was launching and I shared my copy with her. She recommended a few tweaks and within hours of posting the revised info, I received two registrations! I am a spiritual entrepreneur similar to Ali so she understands my business, has a magical touch and I love being in her circle. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity. Her energy is amazing and I always look forward to learning from her and connecting with her! "

Julie Steiner

Founder & CEO of JL Fitness
I really can't say enough good things about Ali's program.  Her knowledge about business and marketing combined with how she teaches us to work with our own intuition & desires to build offers that reflect what we enjoy doing, while making money has been pivotal.
She really helps us to get our messaging in alignment to attract our ideal clients & helps us learn how to create content that inspires.   

My group is more engaged and so are the PMs and emails. It's getting hard to keep up!  During our group call with Ali today, someone mentioned that she has 6 people now enrolled in her program, another person is also launching an offer over Thanksgiving and has people asking to sign up even though she doesn't have a way to take payment set up yet, another person has sold programs after just starting a month ago. 

Pre-Recorded Audio & Zoom Trainings Include:

  • Attracting Clients on Social Media
  • Creating Social Media Content that Converts
  • Content Types That Engage & Inspire Action
  • Overcoming Objections Through Storytelling
  • Overcoming Fear Around Vulnerability in Your Content
  • Content Planning & Tracking
  • The Power of Live Video
  • Creating Content for a Weekly Facebook Live
  • Types of Live to Focus on
  • Structuring Your Lives
  • Naming, Scheduling, & Promoting Your Lives Effectively  
  • Creating Lives That Get a Lot of Engagement 
  • Using Your Intuition to Channel Authentic Content
  • BONUS: Content Recycling & Tracking System Template 
  • BONUS: FB LIVE Cheat Sheet for High Conversion
  • BONUS: Social Media Content Blueprint
  • BONUS:Tips to Boost the Algorithm & Increase Viewership

The Investment

MAGNETIC Content & Live Video Mastery
Self guided course for life, so you can revisit the material at anytime.
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