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Discover Your Unique + Profitable Niche,  

So You Can Create Magnetic Marketing & Offers That Speak to Your Dream Clients, While Feeling a Deep Sense of Fulfillment in Your Business Everyday. 

Are you Ready?

If you are a coach, wellness practitioner, or spiritual entrepreneur, chances are you likely discovered a product or service that created a transformation in some area of your life.

You may have felt inspired to start your business as a way to earn a living showing others who are struggling how they can transform their lives as well. 

The problem that  most entrepreneurs in the online space quickly realize is that just because they are good at what they do, that doesn’t mean that they understand how to market & sell their services, which often leads to a lot of frustration, burnout, & self-doubt about whether or not they are going to be able to turn their passion into profit.

Even when they DO learn marketing principles, they are usually the traditional, slimy tactics that don't resonate with empaths or purpose-driven entrepreneurs.  

Sound about right??

My mission is to help you learn how to share your magic in a way that is authentic, effective, & aligned with your soul's mission. 

Hello Gorgeous! My name is Ali

If we have not met, let me take a hot sec to introduce myself. I am a holistic business coach, authentic selling specialist, & reiki master-teacher. 

 I work with coaches, wellness practitioners, & spiritual entrepreneurs who want to authentically standout online & consistently enroll soul clients without hustling or using slimy business strategies. 

What I have learned from my own personal experience as a heart-based entrepreneur for over 21 years & having worked with so many women through the years, is that your business is an extension of your soul's purpose.

You are the life-blood of your business & therefore infusing your energy & your purpose into your services is a vital part of attracting your soulmate clients & designing a business that LIGHTS YOU UP. 

There have been many times in my business when I didn't know how to communicate the value of what I was offering to others so they would know working with me was their next best step. I heard the money objection a lot and had crickets on my social media content because I didn't know how to set myself apart from the others online. 

There have also been many times in my business where I have felt that what I was offering no longer was exciting to me, but I was afraid to pivot in my direction. This lead to a lack of motivation and calling in all the wrong types of clients who didn't value my services, because I wasn't confidently behind what I was doing. 

Through a soul-searching process,  I discovered the key elements that I now teach my clients to help them create their own niche that is not only profitable, but serves as the foundation for building a business that they are madly in love with. 

Your Business is an Extension of Your Soul's Mission.  
When You Infuse Your Unique Life Messages Into Your Marketing & Clarify Your Messaging, You Become Magnetic to Your Ideal Clients

This is When Niche From Your Soul Was Born.... 

Niche from your soul is a powerful program that will set the foundation for everything that you do in your business. It is only when you have deep clarity on what your unique life messages are, who you serve, what problems you solve, & what makes you different that you will be able to create magnetic messaging that will attract your ideal clients & inspire them to take action with you.

Niche from your soul is designed to help you gain clarity & energetic alignment around the core of who you are, who you serve, the transformation you provide, & how to share your life-transforming services in a way that will resonate with you ideal clients & excite them about working with you.


❌You are DONE feeling stuck & spinning your wheels, trying to figure out who you are, who you serve, & how to set yourself apart from others.
❌If you are DONE questioning if you are qualified enough to say that you specialize in an area or feeling like you need another certification in order to be taken seriously. 
❌You are DONE feeling like the content that you post on social media isn't getting any traction & you are frustrated from not seeing the results of your hard work. 
❌You are DONE feeling uninspired, bored, or lacking motivation in your business with what you are currently doing and you would like to make a change, but don't know how. 
❌You are DONE feeling like the quality of people that you are attracting are not "your people" and either don't have the money or don't value what you are offering. 
✔️Learn how to consistently call in the right people &  confidently share the transformation you provide in a way that resonates with your ideal client>>> so they feel as if working with you is a no-brainer. 

✔️Gain clarity around your unique life purpose messages & weave them into your marketing  >>> So you can learn how to position your offers in a way that attracts your ideal clients

✔️Learn why you keep bumping up against the money objection & find out the REAL reason why people buy>>> So that you can start making the income & impact that you were put on this earth to make. 

✔️Learn how to speak the language of your soulmate clients>>> so they are reaching out to you and asking how they can work with you instead of you feeling like you are chasing people around. 

✔️Learn how to show up confidently as the leader that you are now, even if you have not sold one product or worked with one client>>> So you can get out of your own way & start making the income & impact that you desire. 

What People Are Saying About the Course

Tina Tarbox

" I wanted to thank Ali Sievewright for creating this program.  She helped me to achieve the clarity that I needed to ensure my business was an authentic expression of my gifts & abilities. 

It allowed me to dig deep and focus on what brings me joys that I can structure my business accordingly & do so in a way that rings true on a soul level for me. This isn't a "fluff" course at all. Expect some deep excavation that will uncover any blocks while giving you the tools to through whatever resistance arises. 

This program is perfect for heart-based entrepreneurs who want to serve others first & foremost while also being in service to our deepest selves. 

Kathy Grassett

"Before I joined the Selling from Your Soul Abundance Academy, I set up my business and had a group program that was running, except that I wasn’t excited about what I had built. I didn’t feel motivated to create content related to my program. 

 I realized that I needed to look at my business from a different perspective & I felt like Ali being a spiritual business coach, even though I don't consider myself spiritual was the right person to help me. 

Ali helped us to discover our life messages and that was a game changer for me. I started to build on ideas that were far more me than what I had created before. I’m so excited now to get my new program into the world & women are engaging with my posts more now that I’ve switched it up.  
Ali’s personalized support each week is worth the price of admission alone. This personalized feedback is what I was missing in previous programs. She genuinely cares about you as an individual and will dive deep with you into the core of whatever is holding you back. 

 I’m so glad I invested in myself with Ali’s program. I achieved exactly what I needed. I’m on a new path now, I feel connected to what I’m doing. My immediate future is crystal clear for me, and I have so many ideas beyond that I’m just so jazzed about and it feels right now.   

Michelle Dooley

I am so grateful for Ali Sievewright and this course.  It was an incredible experience from start to finish. I learned so much and continue to implement her teachings every day!

I personally felt drawn to Ali's class. When I received one of her promotional emails, I felt like the message was speaking directly to me. I felt compelled to reach out to her, and after chatting knew I had to sign up. Fast forward a week or so into the class, we learned how to attract our ideal clients. BOOM!!! Ali is a master at that! 

The program brought many positive changes in my life and business. Most importantly, I became clear on my mission. In fact, after defining it with Ali, I spoke the exact words to a new prospect who became a client the next day! With Ali's techniques, I created a new offering for July and reconnected to my favorite morning routine of gratitude and journaling. She is a catalyst for so much positive change.

Pre-Recorded Audio & Zoom Trainings Include:

  • Discover your life purpose & unique life messages
  • Brainstorming Your Niche
  • Choosing a Soul-Aligned Niche
  • Who is Your Soulmate Client?
  • Defining Your Niche
  • Creating a Powerful Niche Statement
  • Successful Niche Categories
  • Validating Your Niche
  • Marketing in Your Client's Language
  • Getting to Know Your Ideal Clients
  • Interviewing Your ideal Client
  • Worksheets & Journal Prompts to help you integrate the learnings & create the structures for a thriving business that LIGHTS YOU UP
  • BONUS: Soulmate Client Abundance Meditation

The Investment

Snag my most popular course, Niche from Your Soul  + get 2 weeks of FREE 1:1 coaching from Ali & her experts in the Selling from Your Soul Abundance Academy  

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